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Little Melon Seed (Lu An Gua Pian)


A "famous tea", recognized as exceptional in quality by emperors in centuries past, Little Melon Seed or Lu An Guapian is a wonderful yellow tea.  Showing deep green almost blue colors, the leaves evidence the richness of the varietal and the farm's nurturing soils.  Grown at a high elevation in the Huang Shan Mountains of Anhui Province, this tea has long been enjoyed for its unique flavor and sweet, herbaceous notes. Due to the fact a yellow tea receives an extra "steam" in processing, it cups to a clear, light-yellow with hint of green cup color.  As the leaves fully open, their shape reminds tea drinkers of a melon seed with a finely serrated edge. Taste is full, offers a bit of a green tea "bite" as the varietal is strong in flavor; yet it is undeniably sweet and "round" in the mouth, with a finish that makes for an exquisite cup of tea.  A "famous tea" it is well worth the taste experience.  Lot # 2

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Silk Road Teas is an award-winning purveyor of rare and artisan teas. Every year, we travel extensively in China, visiting small farms, out-of-the-way tea markets, cooperatives and specialty tea companies to find teas that offer our customers the highest quality and a distinctive taste experience. As a result, our teas are widely recognized for their variety and unparalleled quality. Quite simply, you won't find a finer tea anywhere. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Supporting adults with disabilities

Silk Road Teas is more than just tea. We are committed to giving back to our community by providing jobs packaging our teas to disabled adults. As the older brother of a disabled person, Ned Heagerty, Silk Road Teas President, recognized the challenges and limited opportunities disabled adults face. So he wanted to make a difference. It is a small step, but it is an action we believe in and will continue to follow. Recently, we were honored by receiving the Employer of the Year Award from Integrated Community Services (ICS) for our commitment to employ persons with disabilities.

Selected by the finest shops and restaurants

Our award-winning teas are proudly served at these and other fine restaurants, stores and tea shops.

The Silk Road Teas Story


Lu An Gua Pian - one of China's "famous teas".  High quality and a heavenly taste, it was once reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of the emperors.

Yellow tea varietals offer a round mouth feel.  Naturally sweet & clean.

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  1. Beautiful afternoon tea. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2015

    Overall, as wonderful tea (as the description states).

    At a low temperature steep, after a wash, the first pot was still a little dry for my taste. The second pot was a sweet mellow tea and well worth the price.

Silk Road Teas has received the Employer of the Year Award from Integrated Community Services (ICS) for their commitment to employ persons with disabilities. Silk Road Teas is committed to improving the quality of life for disabled persons, sharing the belief with ICS that business can substantively help people with disabilities achieve independent lives by providing jobs in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Hand In Hand
Our tea boxesare hand packaged by an adult with disabilities. Silk Road Teas remains committed to creating opportunity and jobs in our community.

Sales of our Teas Benefit Ceres
Ceres Community Project builds healthy communities by restoring locally-grown organic whole food to its place as the foundation of health and creating heart centered ways for people to connect.

Ceres teaches teens to grow, cook and eat healthy whole foods and provides nourishing meals, nutrition education and a community of support for people facing cancer and other serious illnesses. www.ceresproject.org

Read the recent article in the Marin IJ: Silk Road Teas gives back

...What sets Silk Road Teas apart from others is the Heagertys are using their success and new tea line as a way to give back to the community...

Gives Back They're amazing people and of course the product is phenomenal. We're so proud to be associated with them. In today's nonprofit world, truly the best things you can have are compatible, giving partners.

Julie Burford, Program Manager and Founder of the Ceres Community Project of Marin.


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