Dragon Well - First Grade

Enlivening, vegetal & nutty
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Loose leaf

Our first grade Dragon Well was harvested "before the rain" early in April when the prized teas of the season are released. In our search for this tea, we apply 3 criteria: consistent leaf size, shape, and coloration; aroma - fresh, vegetal; taste - nutty and sweet. One of China's "Famous Teas", Longjing has been a treasured spring tea for emperors as well as lovers of tea worldwide. Our "Longjing" is crafted with first-grade leaves and pan-fired to a flavor profile offering crisp, fresh notes and a nuanced mouth feel. 

Lot Notes. A signature spring tea, we look for a Dragon Well bringing distinctive flavors to the cup. Our source is a small factory in Shen Zhou County, outside Hangzhou specializing in Dragon Well production. Made from a local Long Jing cultivar, the leaves have developed distinctive, enlivening taste qualities. This tension between sweetness and an underlying hint of astringency attests to the skill of the teamaker. Aroma is decidedly vegetal and nutty. Lot #3.
Tea Facts. Long Jing is known for 4 qualities: singular shape, jade-like color, toasty-vegetative aromas, and naturally sweet flavors. This is a small production lot representing one day's harvest. The leaves for this lot were harvested the second week of April 2023 (Gu Yu pick). 
Tasting Notes. An early season pluck, the leaves are high in amino acids contributing to its savory flavor. One will note a fresh green leaf, uniform in size, opening to a smooth & lingering sweetness. Cups to a nutty liquor with chestnut overtones. Note the mouth feel is sweet yet offering some natural puckering. The aftertaste is balanced, ending in sweet and vegetal flavors. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3 grams (a round teaspoon or tbsp.) for 6-8 ounces of water. Perhaps 4 to 5 grams (one tbsp.) for 12 ounces of water. It is important your water is either spring in origin or, at least, filtered. We recommend a brief steeping, 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes max to enjoy the subtle qualities of the leaf. Optimum water temperature is between 175 to 195°. The leaves will yield 3 steeps.

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