Heavenly Blue Peak - Tian Mu Qing Ding

Nuanced, flavorful, & naturally sweet
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Tiānmù qīng dǐng 天幕青顶
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Main Flavor Profile:
Grassy sweet
Loose leaf

One of China's famous teas, Heavenly Blue Peak (Tian Mu Qing Ding) was long the favored tea of emperors. An exceptional spring green, this high-mountain varietal is harvested only for a very brief period in early April. Grown in bamboo forest preserves of Tian Mu Mountains, in Zhejiang Province, this cultivar was once thought to have been lost and fell out of production for a time. Literally translated as "eye of heaven green peak", our high-grade Qing Ding lot offers the tea lover an opportunity to enjoy a wonderfully aromatic and flavorful tea. Harvest date Yu Qian: mid-April 2022. Lot #22.

Lot Notes. We tasted a number of offerings and selected this one as it offers the 3 attributes we seek in this tea: a fresh, enticing leaf appearance; a fresh aroma; and, once cupped, a captivating and enduring flavor. The leaves are long and elegant and a fresh green color. Flavors are varied and fulfilling. 

Tea Facts. Grown organically in the TainMuShan area. Farm elevation is approximately 3200 meters. Topography is steep, rugged mountains. Cultivar prefers damp terroir and misty skies. Heavenly Blue is harvested a bit later than most high-grade green teas as it is slow coming out of dormancy. Leaf and bud sets are the preferred pluck standard. 

Tasting Notes. The taste is complex, layered & naturally sweet.  It steeps to a clear, light-yellow liquor. Our lot will provide the most discerning tea drinker a satisfying, naturally sweet cup with a very nice lingering mouth feel in the finish. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3 grams for 6-8 oz. of water and 4-5 grams with 12-16 ounces. Best prepared with water at 185-195 degrees F. and steep the leaves for approximately 2 minutes & taste. A longer infusion time will produce more intensity with a bit more pungency. A shorter steep emphasizes the sweet, delicate notes of this cultivar. Drain the water off the leaves for added steeps.

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