Jasmine Green

Natural flavors, soothing
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Mòli lǜ 茉莉绿
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Fresh, green tea leaf has been delicately and repeatedly scented with the petals of jasmine flowers to create a soothing and satisfying cup of tea that goes well with food.

Lot Notes
The scenting process for this tea is traditional. Multiple scentings have been done to gain a soft & natural aroma and flavor. The green tea leaves are consistent and well made. This provided a good base for taste, then scenting and lastly, the wonderful flavors in the cup.

Tea Facts
It was made in Fujian Province which is noted as the birthplace of jasmine teas. It is a traditional style jasmine green. The particular varietal used for this tea has very absorbent leaves. Once harvested, the leaves are partially dried. They then wait for the harvest of the jasmine flowers which comes later in the summer. The leaves absorb the scent of jasmine creating the sweet cup so many have come to enjoy and cherish.

Tasting Notes
The flavor of this jasmine tea is soft and natural. It is smooth on the palate and has a nice lingering taste of jasmine.

Brewing Suggestions
For 8 ounces of water, use a rounded teaspoon of leaves in water temperature of 185-195 degrees F. Steep for two minutes and taste. If you'd like more flavor, let the leaves steep for 3 minutes. 

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