New Arrivals - harvest 2023

New Arrivals

Each spring, we work with a small group of valued suppliers - tea farms, cooperatives & tea markets - in sourcing teas early in the harvest. First pluck, Pre-Qing Ming and "before the rain" varieties of white, green, and black teas are the high grades of leaf we procure. Teas harvested in this time are some of the finest quality of the year. Buds and leaves are small, compact and rich in flavors. Leaves are crafted to notable flavors not typically available for export. As well, we procure popular cultivars known worldwide for their wonderful flavors.  

New Arrivals presents a select group of teas as they arrive at our warehouse. You will find seasonal offerings, traditional & rare styles as well as unusual "fresh teas".

  • Wild Black - Harvest 2023

    Wild Black - Harvest 2023

    A seasonal surprise! Tea is wild harvested in the mountains along the coast of Fujian. Bushes grow wild outside the boundaries of our supplier, Mr Wen's tea farm. Harvested early in April, we find the flavor of this cultivar rich and nuanced. A...
    Seasonal surprise!
  • Wild Green

    Wild Green

    Known for its mountains, bamboo forests and abundant springs, Anhui Province each year produces green and yellow teas of exceptional quality. High farm elevations and soils rich in humus and iron, bring forth a number of wonderful spring teas. In this...
    Wild harvest, spring tea flavors

  • New Lot!

    Drunken Concubine - Zui Gue

    Drunken Concubine is named in recognition of the intoxicating flavors of a wonderful, high-grade Tieguanyin oolong. Grown in the AnXi Region of southern Fujian Province, the cultivar is made to variegated shades of greens almost to blue with soft golden...
    Caresses the tongue with nectar-like flavors.

  • Rare Orchid - Qi Lan

    Rare Orchid - Qi Lan

    A high-mountain oolong cultivar crafted to a black tea in the local style of the Fu'An area. This wonderful black opens to sweet notes of plums and grows to a delicious, sweet finish.  Lot Notes. Source is a farm located in...
    High aroma, sweet note of plum

  • Green Monkey King - Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Green Monkey King - Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Perhaps no other tea embodies the artistry of China's teas more than the famous Tai Ping Hou Kui (TPHK). Ours is a first-grade leaf grown on a spring-fed farm at an elevation of 800 meters in the Huang Shan Mountains. At night,...
    First grade A, orchid aroma, earthy vegetal flavors.

  • Green Snail Spring - Bi Luo Chun - First Grade

    Green Snail Spring - Bi Luo Chun - First Grade

    Bi Luo Chun - Green Snail Spring - embodies much of what is wonderful about the spring tea harvest. Perhaps no green tea cups to the rich flavors of the season as this one. Ours is a first-grade leaf harvested in a pluck in the first week of April before...
    Flavors of asparagus, chestnut, hints of peach

  • Imperial Red

    Imperial Red

    This season's Imperial Red was grown in the WuYi Mountains. It is handmade using an Oolong stock. Cups to a bright red color with lush, sweet notes characteristic of a black tea from this famous area.  The leaves are a dark...
    Sweet flowery notes, flavors of malt & molasses.

  • Silver Needle - Yin Zhen

    Silver Needle - Yin Zhen

    Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with exacting skill in harvesting and processing. In its pure form and most traditional form, YinZhen or Silver Needle, is made of tender spring buds from a cultivar historic to Fujian...
    Silky smooth, flavors of apricot & honeysuckle

  • Honey Orchid - Mi Lan Hua

    Honey Orchid - Mi Lan Hua

    One of our most popular black tea offerings, this early-pick, large-leaf Mao Feng cultivar slowly turns from its harvest green colors to rich shades of gold and black. Then, at the right moment, the leaves are skillfully fired, creating a lush, naturally...
    Lush, naturally sweet flavors.

  • Limitedquantity!

    Dragon Well - Longjing - Grade AA

    Our new Dragon Well lot is a cultivar local to the Shengzhou area in Zhejiang Province. Cultivar is known for its distinctive penetrating aroma and a soft, vegetal, nutty sweetness. It is an "early-season" Grade A Long Jing made of one bud, one leaf. Our...
    Penetrating aroma, fresh & nutty sweet!

  • Wuyi Yan Cha - "Rock Tea"

    Wuyi Yan Cha - "Rock Tea"

    Classed as one of the Wuyi Rock Teas, WuYi Yan Cha, through multiple charcoal firings, is a mountain grown oolong that brews to rich orange-red colors & strong flavors. Aroma is likewise strong, a result of the intense firing process it undergoes...
    Bright red, caramel & fruit flavors

  • Jade Oolong - Huang Jin Gui

    Jade Oolong - Huang Jin Gui

    The leaves are a wonderful jade color. Named for this distinctively fresh green appearance, Jade Oolong is a small-leaf cultivar and one of the first oolongs harvested in the spring. The cup is floral & sweet.  The harvest date of our lot is...
    Fresh jade color, floral flavors.

  • White Monkey - Bai Hou

    White Monkey - Bai Hou

    Handmade, small-farm tea with a light-golden cup color and a very likeable, sweet-nutty flavor. Its name and wonderful appearance give hints to the flavors and aromas that will follow once the leaves are steeped. Like most green teas grown in Fujian...
    "Playful" leaves, rich vegetal flavors

  • Tongyu Mountain Green -Tongyu Shan Qing

    Tongyu Mountain Green -Tongyu Shan Qing

    A local Mao Feng cultivar, it is farmed & processed to local custom. TMG is an exceptional tea for those that enjoy a strong and full-bodied Chinese green tea. It is grown on small farms in the mountains of Fujian Province, west of Fuzhou...
    Deep green leaves, vegetal, fruity.

  • Three Cups Fragrance - San Bei Xiang

    Three Cups Fragrance - San Bei Xiang

    Tea is named for the 3 wonderful infusions the leaves traditionally offer. Using a pan-firing method called "San Bei Xiang", it results in leaves in various shades of dark green and, at times, almost a silver-gray appearance. A traditional green made in...
    Brisk, clean herbaceous flavor

  • Snow Bud - Xue Ya

    Snow Bud - Xue Ya

    Grown at a high elevation, the season is short for this style of tea. Its small, thin leaves reflect its high-mountain origin. Leaf is dense, flavor is nuanced and somewhat subtle. Produced inland in Fujian Province, the tea is...
    Lush, a delicate honey note.

  • organic Organic

    Buddhist Tea - Fo Cha

    In the sixth and seventh centuries, tea drinking became increasingly popular with Buddhist monks as they recognized the green leaf as a means of clearing the mind and providing stimulation for longer sessions of meditation. The monks realized they gained...
    A wonderful green tea, basket roasted, clean, savory & vegetal sweet. 

  • Golden Needle -Jin Zhen

    Golden Needle -Jin Zhen

    Made in the tradition of classic needle-shaped teas from Northern Fujian Province, this lot is unusual in appearance and flavor. Tea makers working with methods of processing and taste profiles refined honed over amny years, the styles of Golden Needle...
    Sweet fruity notes & cocao