New Arrivals - harvest 2023

Our New Arrivals offer you new tastes of the season. Explore the world of fresh specialty teas!

Each Spring season, we source our teas early in the harvest cycle. Procuring Pre-Qing Ming and "before the rain" varieties of white, green, and black teas. Teas harvested in this window of the season are the finest quality teas. New Arrivals presents a select group of teas we announce as they arrive at our warehouse. In our Arrivals you will find traditional & rare styles as well as unusual "fresh teas" grown on small farms and made to local customs of taste and aroma.

We will be updating our Arrivals as we receive shipments of new teas. Check-in occasionally, for new varieties. 

  • Jade Oolong - Huan Jin Gui

    Jade Oolong - Huan Jin Gui

    Note the wonderful jade color of the leaves. Named for this distinctively fresh green appearance, this comparatively small-leafed oolong is one of the first of its class harvested in the spring. The cup is light yet flavorful. This lot came out...
    Rich jade color, soft floral flavors.

  • organic Organic

    Heavenly Blue Peak - Tian Mu Qing Ding

    One of China's famous teas, Heavenly Blue Peak (Tian Mu Qing Ding) was long the favored tea of emperors. An exceptional spring green, this high-mountain varietal is harvested only for a very brief period in early April. Grown in bamboo forest preserves...
    Nuanced, flavorful, & naturally sweet

  • organic Organic

    Matcha - Powdered Green Tea

    Our grade of organic matcha is made from tencha, the shaded first leaves of the spring harvest. This produces its vibrant green hue, umami sweetness, creamy taste, and enlivening energy. For 2-3 weeks prior to harvesting, the tea leaves are shaded using...
    Spring sweet, umami

  • organic Organic

    Dragon Well - Long Jing - Organic

    Dragon Well, Long Jing, has a rich and long history of cultivation and may well be the most famous tea in the world. Highest grade lots are plucked early in the spring with much anticipation among lovers of tea. Its exquisite taste highlights why it is...
    Fresh, sweet, nutty, chestnut-like notes

  • Emerald Green - Cui Ya

    Emerald Green - Cui Ya

    One of our favorite teas - Emerald Green brings fresh aromas and flavors to the palate. A yellow tea, "Cui Ya", is cultivated in the lush Huangshan Mountains of Anhui Province. These jagged, high mountains are cut with abundant, rushing streams, cooling...
    Sweet aroma & distinctive flowery notes

  • organic Organic

    Buddhist Tea - Fo Cha

    In the sixth and seventh centuries, tea drinking became increasingly popular with Buddhist monks as they recognized the green leaf as a means of clearing the mind and providing stimulation for longer sessions of meditation. The monks realized they gained...
    A wonderful green tea, basket roasted, clean, savory & vegetal sweet. 

  • organic Organic

    Keemun Mao Feng - Qimen Mao Feng

    Keemuns are considered by many to be China's finest black tea. Known as the "Burgundy" of tea, these elegantly crafted leaves open to a superb bouquet equal to the praise they garner. Lot Notes: Lot is organically grown and was harvested in April 2022...
    Penetrating aromas, sweet biscuity notes

  • Black Dragon - Hei Long

    Black Dragon - Hei Long

    Our "Black Dragon", a Congou, is made in the style of classic Fujian Province blacks. "Congou" is a name used in the tea trade for "gongfu" which means skill and patience, attributes needed to make a really good black. The leaves are mix of black and...
    Softly sweet cocoa, malt, hint of fruit.