Yellow Flower - Huang Shan Huang Ya

Yellow tea - lush, floral & sweet.
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Huáng huā - chūn shōucheng 黄花 - 春收成
Main Flavor Profile:
Grassy sweet

Steep, jagged mountains cut with gushing springs are home to alpine forests, rich bamboo groves and some of China's finest green and yellow teas. The Huang Shan Mountains, literally the Yellow Mountains, consists of approximately 75 separate peaks spread across Anhui Province. High elevations, rich soils, traditional farming practices and tea craftsmanship combine to bring this wonderful yellow tea to market.

Lot Notes. Our lot offers a smooth and lush floral character. A grade A lot, the leaves are uniform in shape and size and its coloration speaks to its fresh flavors. Lot # 1.

Tea Facts. It was grown at an approximate elevation of 1200 meters in the Yellow Mountains of Anhui Province. Tea was harvested in April 2021. Teas in this area are fed and replenished by abundant fresh water springs that dissect the mountains. Note the very slight golden cast to the leaves. Yellow teas appear as bright green yet the name comes from the fact after their initial drying & just before firing, they are allowed to an additional step called "man huan" during which the leaves are lightly steamed and then covered with cloth to allow the leaves to absorb additional sweet fragrances and flavors. This step is known as "sealing the yellow" and is definitive in classifying a tea as yellow.

Tasting Notes. Vibrant green leaves bring forth smooth & lush floral flavors. Astringency in yellow teas is rare. Refreshing and naturally sweet, Yellow Flower offers a liquor that is strikingly clear and clean with plenty of mouth feel. Taste is spring grassy, sweet and smooth. Note its warm lingering notes.

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3 grams of leaf (a tablespoon) per 6-8 ounces of water at a temperature of 195 degrees F. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. It will yield multiple steeps.