Gift Sets

gift-box-315w.jpg Tea is a gift that keeps giving, each day, each cup.  To make your gift something unusual and special, we selected a handful of our finest artisan, handcrafted organic teas.  Teas that will please the novice as well as the experienced tea lover.  This select group of green, black, oolong, white and Pu-erh varietals and a few aromatic greens and blacks scented with lovely jasmine flowers have been chosen for inclusion in our one-of-a-kind gift boxes.  

For family and friends who are just beginning to enjoy tea (or for those you'd like to introduce to this wonderful beverage) - try our new line of gift samplers - offering smaller sizes and a variety of artisan teas and flavors.  These are perfect stocking stuffers!     

Each gift comes with brewing instructions and a personal handwritten note to complete a heart-warming, thoughtful, healthy gift that is sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by family, friends and clients. Make your gift selections, then add your personal note during checkout.

We'll handle the rest!

For corporate or business gift giving, please call our gift experts for consultation and pricing on delicious teas for clients, the office, wedding favors and more.

  • Black Tea Gift

    Black Tea Gift

    Treat yourself or a friend to three artisan black teas elegantly packaged in our clear top re-usable tins and gift box.Included in the set:Golden Monkey: our Golden Monkey is made in the traditional style - more to the look of the fur of a Monkey. ...
  • Emperor's Black Gift Set

    Emperor's Black Gift Set

    Sourced from 3 different provinces, encompassing a range of terroir and flavors, handcrafted by artisans of the leaf, our Emperor's Black Gift Set, ensures a rare taste of some of China's most famous black teas.  We selected only the finest of the...
    Offering a range of aromas & flavors, artisan crafted
  • outofstock Out of Stock

    Green Tea Gift

    A real treat for yourself or a friend! Three organic, single-origin, green teas are elegantly packaged in our clear top re-usable tins and gift box.  The flavors of a spring green tea will make a perfect gift for both the novice and experienced tea...
    3 organic greens, the rich flavors of spring teas!

  • Leaf & Water

    Leaf & Water

    Exploring the world of tea! Leaf & Water - a taste of the world of specialty, full-leaf teas.  We selected 3 of our most popular varieties - green, oolong and black - as your introduction to the aromas and flavors of specialty tea. Small farm,...
    Origins, flavors & aromas, & steeping notes
  • Leaf & Water Collection

    Leaf & Water Collection

    Imagine a curated selection of teas offering delicious flavors, distinct styles and far ranging places of origin. A veritable world view of tea in a box! Imagine sweet pearls of green tea infused with fragrant jasmine flowers. A vibrant, ever-so-rich...
    A world of tea in a box !
  • Long Life Green Gift Set

    Long Life Green Gift Set

    Fresh, vibrant and full of antioxidants and amino acids, our 3 greens are plucked in the early spring when flavors are pronounced and the leaves vital.  These famous green teas are a great gift for the health conscious as well as the discerning tea...
  • Sachet Gift Set

    Sachet Gift Set

    Delicious organic teas and tisanes, elegantly packaged, our sachets are convenient for home and perfect for the office and traveling. This set includes 3 tea boxes with 15 sachets in each, a glass teapot and two porcelain tasting cups packaged in our...
    Organic teas & tisanes, rich flavors in a sachet
  • Tranquility Gift Set

    Tranquility Gift Set

    Sometimes the best gift is relaxation. With that in mind, we selected 3 tisanes made with fresh herbs and flowers known for their calming effects. Healthy and relaxing, this gift offers wonderful flavors with no caffeine and a...
    3 tisanes - fresh herbs & flowers will calm and soothe!
  • Variety Tea Gift

    Variety Tea Gift

    Treat yourself or a friend to a sampling of three varieties of Chinese teas elegantly packaged in our clear top re-usable tins and gift box.Included in the set:White Peony: an organic white tea harvested early in the spring.  A mix of light green...