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Rare Sencha, 3 new teas

Our new line of Senchas were made by four tea farmers known as the Soniga 4. We met these gentlemen four years ago. We tasted teas, they shared their passion and intention for traditional Japanese teas. We stayed in touch and this year we are excited to offer you these remarkable teas.

We begin with 3 Sencha lots which are "Ichiban" or first pick of 2023. By Japanese classing, our lots are known as "steamed Tamaryokucha", a fine grade. As well, we have imported one lot of Houjicha as we know many tea drinkers cherish this traditional roasted tea.

  • New Offering!

    Houji cha

    Houji cha is mastery of tea cultivation, processing, and roasting. Beautifully uniform brown Bancha stems are roasted creating a green tea offering calming, roasted, woody aromas. Delicately sweet, Houjicha is served warm for comfort and chilled for...
    Nutty fragrance, roasted & sweet
  • OKU - Okuyutaka

    OKU - Okuyutaka

    Obuyutaka (Oku) is emerald, delicately shaped, offering an unusually fragrant leaf aroma. Skillfully crafted, this small leaf offers some of the finest tasting Senchas produced in Japan.  Lot Notes. Produced in the Higashisonogi region of...
    Highly fragrant, assertive
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    Tsuyu - Tsuyuhikari

    The Tsuyuhikari (TSUYU) cultivar is known to offer an unusually refreshing cup within the Sencha class. Translated as "dew light". Produced by one farm/farmer focused to this cultivar only. Extra long, large, full leaves of a deep, forest green...
    Refreshing, caffeinated
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    SAE - Saemidori

    This year's lot of Saemidori (SAE) is Ichibancha grade. Grown on a farm above Omura Bay, SAE is an early budding tea, locally known as "Clear Green". The leaves of this high-grade Sencha are a vivid green suggestive of its high amino acid content. Leaves...
    Vibrant, high umami
  • Ceremonial Matcha

    Ceremonial Matcha

    Silken, deep umami. Ceremonial grade offers you a way to enjoy a tea ceremony, Chanoyu, as a host preparing and sharing a bowl of fine green tea with a guest, entertaining friends, or indulging yourself in times of relaxation.  Lot Notes. Grade is...
  • organic Organic

    Dragon Well Organic - 2023 Harvest

    Dragon Well deservedly enjoys a long & rich history of cultivation and may well be the most famous tea in the world. Picked early in the spring harvest, its exquisite taste highlights why it is much sought after and recognized as one of...
    Nutty, sweet flavors
  • Heavenly Blue Peak - Tian Mu Qing Ding

    Heavenly Blue Peak - Tian Mu Qing Ding

    An exceptional spring green, this high-mountain cultivar is harvested only for a brief period in early April. Heavenly Blue Peak (Tian Mu Qing Ding) was long a favored tea of emperors. It is grown in bamboo forest preserves of Tian Mu Mountains, in...
    Lush & naturally sweet

  • organic Organic

    Snow Dragon - Xue Long

    We selected an organic green grown in the Simao District of Yunnan Province. (In the past, we have sourced this tea in Fujian Province.) This lot is a fine pluck of one bud one leaf and offers the appearance of snow (plenty of white leaf) as well as the...
    Sweet, vegetal & clean

  • Wild Green

    Wild Green

    Known for its mountains, bamboo forests and abundant springs, Anhui Province each year produces green and yellow teas of exceptional quality. High farm elevations and soils rich in humus and iron, bring forth a number of wonderful spring teas. In this...
    Wild harvest, spring tea flavors

  • organic Organic

    Spring Green - Chūn lǜ - Decaffeinated

    Numerous varieties of this delicious green cultivar thrive in the valleys and mountains of the southeastern provinces of China. A Mao Feng cultivar, our lot was organically farmed in Zhejiang Province. An early-pick, its leaves open to a...
    Vegetal & sweet, refreshing & soothing.

  • Downy Tip - Jin Shan Mao Jian

    Downy Tip - Jin Shan Mao Jian

    Our Downy Tip was grown on an island off the coast of Hangzhou, in the Zhou Shan Island complex. An early spring favorite, this cultivar is one of the first teas to make the marketplace at the onset of the harvest. Leaf is rich in vegetal flavors and...
    High grade, rich complex green tea flavors!

  • organic Organic

    WuLu - Jade Cloud

    Not well known outside China, these singularly rich green leaves will steep to smooth and varied buttery flavors and aromas of magnolia blossoms and fresh cucumber. It isa wonderful green tea waiting to be found and enjoyed everyday.  Lot Notes...
    Buttery smooth, a note of citrus

  • Small Green Leaf - Xiǎo lǜyè

    Small Green Leaf - Xiǎo lǜyè

    Spring teas in China embody tradition, terroir, and skill. In FuAn traditions in farming and processing of tea run deep. Their cultivars are famous, their flavors in demand. Each year, we look for thse early spring green teas that taste wonderful and...
    Fresh asparagus, a bit of nuttiness

  • 3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler: In many countries, tea is a signature beverage. Distinct cultivars have been created and farmed, methods of processing developed bringing forth aromas and flavors that are delicious and widely enjoyed. Our sampler offers a taste...
    3 lands, 3 teas & 3 flavors

  • Green Monkey King - Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Green Monkey King - Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Perhaps no other tea embodies the artistry of China's teas more than the famous Tai Ping Hou Kui (TPHK). Ours is a first-grade leaf grown on a spring-fed farm at an elevation of 800 meters in the Huang Shan Mountains. At night,...
    First grade A, orchid aroma, earthy vegetal flavors.

  • Empress Green - Lu Huanghou

    Empress Green - Lu Huanghou

    There is a class of teas harvested early in the spring & processed to local customs of appearance, flavor, and aroma. Typically made in small lots and rarely exported, these teas are often exceptional and offer a window into the great...
    "Fresh tea", strong flavors, nuanced & refreshing

  • Spring Green - Chun Lu Se

    Spring Green - Chun Lu Se

    Spring Green is one of the first teas of spring to come out of the mountains. It is a Mao Feng cultivar made to a large leaf size, offering deep green colors, and a high white bud content. Lot is a taste of the early flavors of the harvest and is an...
    Buttery, sweet grassy notes
  • Dragon Well - Longjing - First Grade

    Dragon Well - Longjing - First Grade

    Our first grade Dragon Well was harvested "before the rain" early in April when the prized teas of the season are released. In our search for this tea, we apply 3 criteria: consistent leaf size, shape, and coloration; aroma - fresh,...
    Enlivening, vegetal & nutty

  • Green Snail Spring - Bi Luo Chun - First Grade

    Green Snail Spring - Bi Luo Chun - First Grade

    Bi Luo Chun - Green Snail Spring - embodies much of what is wonderful about the spring tea harvest. Perhaps no green tea cups to the rich flavors of the season as this one. Ours is a first-grade leaf harvested in a pluck in the first week of April before...
    Flavors of asparagus, chestnut, hints of peach

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    Dragon Well - Longjing - Grade AA

    Our new Dragon Well lot is a cultivar local to the Shengzhou area in Zhejiang Province. Cultivar is known for its distinctive penetrating aroma and a soft, vegetal, nutty sweetness. It is an "early-season" Grade A Long Jing made of one bud, one leaf. Our...
    Penetrating aroma, fresh & nutty sweet!