Leaf & Water


Much of the world of tea is now confined to tea bags and sachets. On the other hand, specialty teas are crafted to appreciate the size and shape of leaves to cultivate and accentuate flavors. Fully open to their natural or crafted size, nuanced tastes and aromas are released to be enjoyed and savored.

Leaf & Water is our curated selection of specialty teas and varieties to introduce the styles, aromas, and range of flavors of specialty teas and tisanes. Explore and enjoy!

Leaf & Water makes a perfect gift for friends and family!

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    Chai is a "mixed spice tea" made of a robust Indian black and traditional marsala spices. Unapologetically spicy, Chai is fragrant aromas and pungent, lively flavors. 1 oz.
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    Chamomile Flowers

    Aromatic herb, Matricaria recutita, organically grown in Croatia, fresh blossoms open to a golden infusion with a sweet flavor of honey, apple and nectar. 1 oz.
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    Jasmine Pearls

    Tender hand-rolled pearls, grown in Fujian Province, are deeply scented with jasmine flower blossoms. Pearl unfolds to a naturally sweet, delicately smooth green tea. 1 oz.
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    A Japanese powdered tea introduced by Buddhist monks, is made with a Tencha leaf. A rich green color, steeps to umami flavors and a smooth, sweet taste. 1 oz.
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    Small Leaf Pu-erh

    Origins in the Wa ethnic villages of Yunnan Province.  A ripe or Shu Pu-erh offers notes of earthy sweetness, cocoa, and a woodsy, aromatic finish. 1 oz.