Tea Ware

  • Celadon Porcelain Tea Pot

    Celadon Porcelain Tea Pot

    This graceful celadon tea pot is designed in a classic Shi Piao style and glazed using the ruyao surface finish. The unique applied glaze contains small amounts of iron giving the fired glaze a luminescent look. Small "veins" exist after the firing...

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    Glass Teapot-5 oz.

    Simple yet elegant 5 ounce glass teapot with built-in strainer is perfect for brewing individual cups or Gong fu tea service. This graceful pot offers the joy of observing the tea leaves as they steep.

  • Travel Tea Set

    Travel Tea Set

    This is the perfect tea companion for the traveler wanting to brew a perfect cup! This compact set includes a white porcelain gaiwan, matching pitcher and six small tasting cups,all neatly packed in a padded zipper case that packs easily.

  • Porcelain Tea Cup

    Porcelain Tea Cup

    This clean-lined and elegant white bone-china tea cup is not only the perfect size at 4 oz., but also feels wonderfully smooth and warm to the touch when you are savoring a cup of your favorite tea.  Keep a full complement on hand for when friends...

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    Serving Pitcher

    An 8-oz. glass pitcher that is a perfect receptacle for your perfectly brewed tea.  First steep your tea the appropriate length of time in its pot, then pour it into the pitcher and serve.  3.25" tall.
  • Bamboo Tea Whisk

    Bamboo Tea Whisk

    These handmade bamboo tea whisks are the essential accessory for the proper brewing of matcha (powdered green tea).  Each delicate and finely crafted whisk stands 4.25" tall and 2.25" wide.