Tea Box Sachets

You will taste the difference of our award-winning sachets!

Once we committed to putting our teas into sachets, we felt we should offer a product that truly brought the natural and wonderful flavors & aomas of tea and herbs to the cup. That we continue to source grades of teas for which we have become known and believe the consumer market is interested in tasting. Teas, flowers and herbs offering unadulterated flavors crafted by true artisans of the leaf. We offer higher grades of leaf for our sachets. The leaves are then minimally milled leaving to retain their flavor & aroma. Steeped you will taste a difference from other single-serve teas.

Our tea box line and sachets are 100% USDA Organic Certified. Our sachets are made using a Non-GMO cornstarch that is spun and woven and is biodegradable.

The packing and label sealing of our line of tea boxes provides jobs to people with disabilities in our community. 


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