Whether you are new to tea, looking for a gift or a tea aficionado wanting to try something new, our sampler collections are certainly a place to start. Each offers a range of styles, flavors and aromas. 


  • leaf & water

    leaf & water

    leaf & water - a taste of the world of specialty, full-leaf teas.  We've carefully selected 3 popular varieties - green, oolong and black - as your introduction to the aromas and flavors of Camellia sinensis.  Handcrafted, organic and...
    Origins, flavors & aromas, & steeping notes
  • 3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler: 2 oz. of each Silver Needle: one of China's rare teas, "Yin Zhen" is a variety of tea made with an exacting skill. Fresh & delicately sweet taste, enjoy savory flavors of fresh apricots and honey. (2 oz...
    3 lands, 3 teas & 3 flavors

  • Hand-crafted "Phoenix Bird Oolongs" - Sampler

    Hand-crafted "Phoenix Bird Oolongs" - Sampler

    Sample delicious, handmade, rare & artisan Dan Cong style Oolongs.  Long favored as "tribute teas" by emperors, these 3 teas were grown on small farms in the Yellow Mountains, of the Fenghuang...
    Flavors range from almonds to stone fruit & nectar.

  • organic Organic

    Organic Green Tea Sample Collection

    Explore the differing tastes of teas - lightly vegetal and naturally sweet - grown in the mountains and the valleys. Sampler offers a taste of each.  Dragon Well (Lung Ching)Organic Classic Chinese green, Zhejiang Province, pan-fired, nutty and...

  • Oolong Sampler

    Oolong Sampler

    Exotic large leaves, highly aromatic, flavorful & delicious - the varieties of oolongs!  Our sampler collection offers essentially the range of Chinese oolong styles.  From low-oxidized and floral to traditional medium oxidized and "nutty"...

  • Black Tea Traveler - A Sample Collection

    Black Tea Traveler - A Sample Collection

    Three black varietals, grown in 3 provinces each with a distinctive taste profile.  Grown at varying elevations, crafted in different styles of "Hong Cha", our collection offers a range of aromas and flavors.  These teas offer bright...
    3 provinces, 3 varietals, 3 flavors!