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Flavorful, sweet notes — a full-bodied black, hints of caramel and fruit.

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  •  "Wild Peony" - White Peony - Bai Mu Dan

    "Wild Peony" - White Peony - Bai Mu Dan

    The FuAn area, in Fujian Province, is famous for its white tea cultivars. Over time, this cultivar has migrated outside the boundaries of farms and flourished. Our Peony offering - "Wild Peony" -...
    Harvested wild - tastes of melon, grape, herbs

  • Dragon Well - Long Jing - First Grade

    Dragon Well - Long Jing - First Grade

    Our first grade Dragon Well is harvested in the "before the rain" period of April. In our search for this prized tea, we apply 3 criteria: consistency in leaf size, shape, and...
    Enlivening vegetal & nutty flavors

  • Golden Eyebrow - Jīn Jun Mei - Rare Lot

    Golden Eyebrow - Jīn Jun Mei - Rare Lot

    At traditional tea gatherings, Golden Eyebrow is held as a prestigious tea, one to be served proudly, knowing it will enhance friendship. A fine pluck, using buds and the top two leaves, our lot...
    Aroma of orange, light fruitiness, finish is honeysuckle.

  • organic Organic

    Keemun "King Red"

    "King Red” is organically grown and produced in the Quimen area of Anhui Province. Quimen is a small geographic area defined by steep mountains cut and nourished with roiling streams of fresh...
    "Burgundy" of tea, rich aromas, sweet flavors

  • Anji White - AnJi Bai

    Anji White - AnJi Bai

    Each harvest season this rare tea offers a special flavor experience. It is rich in amino acids, creating a rich umami flavor unusual for a Chinese green. In the 1980s, in a bamboo forest above the...
    Silky smooth mouth feel, rich "umami" flavor

  • Magnolia Blossom Fragrance - Yu Lan Xiang

    Magnolia Blossom Fragrance - Yu Lan Xiang

    Once picked, the leaves are sorted, then withered in sunlight or a warm room for several hours with occasional gentle rolling. This hand-rolling of the leaves induces the formation of flavor and...
    Find flavors of roasted almond, honeysuckle and stone fruit.

  • Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Our "Monkey Picked" Tieguanyin was grown in the AnXi Region in southern Fujian Province, a region with a rich history of cultivating award-winning, world-cla
    Vibrant, fresh green colors, lush, floral & buttery

  • Three Cups Fragrance - San Bei Xiang

    Three Cups Fragrance - San Bei Xiang

    Tea is named for the 3 wonderful infusions the leaves traditionally offer. Using a pan-firing method called "San Bei Xiang", it results in leaves in various shades of dark green and, at times, almost...
    Brisk, clean green tea notes