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Aromatic, robust & and seductively delicious.

34 varieties of black teas for fall and winter.

Black Tea

Ichiban Senchas

Our new line of Senchas were made by four tea farmers known as the Soniga 4.

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Featured Teas

  • Wild Black - Harvest 2023

    Wild Black - Harvest 2023

    A seasonal surprise! Tea is wild harvested in the mountains along the coast of Fujian. Bushes grow wild outside the boundaries of our supplier, Mr Wen's tea farm. Harvested early in April, we find...
    Seasonal surprise!

  • Green Monkey King - Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Green Monkey King - Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Perhaps no other tea embodies the artistry of China's teas more than the famous Tai Ping Hou Kui (TPHK). Ours is a first-grade leaf grown on a spring-fed farm at an elevation of 800 meters in the...
    First grade A, orchid aroma, earthy vegetal flavors.

  • Imperial Red - Di Hong

    Imperial Red - Di Hong

    This season's Imperial Red was grown in the WuYi Mountains. It is handmade using an Oolong stock. Cups to a bright red color with lush, sweet notes characteristic of a black tea...
    Flowery notes, flavors of malt , molasses

  • Honey Orchid - Mi Lan Hua

    Honey Orchid - Mi Lan Hua

    One of our most popular black tea offerings, this early-pick, large-leaf Mao Feng cultivar slowly turns from its harvest green colors to rich shades of gold and black. Then, at the right moment, the...
    Lush, naturally sweet flavors.

  • outofstock Sold Out

    Dragon Well - Longjing - Grade AA

    Our new Dragon Well lot is a cultivar local to the Shengzhou area in Zhejiang Province. Cultivar is known for its distinctive penetrating aroma and a soft, vegetal, nutty sweetness. It is an...
    Penetrating aroma, fresh & nutty sweet!