Tea of the Month: Iron Goddess

Often referred to as the tea of poets

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New Organic Chai

A sweet, malty high-grade Yunnan Black, wonderful spices -- cardamon, ginger, cinnamon & orange peel

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Featured Teas

  • Buddhist Tea - Fo Cha

    Buddhist Tea - Fo Cha

    In the sixth and seventh centuries, tea drinking became increasingly popular with Buddhist monks as they recognized the green leaf as a means of clearing the mind and providing stimulation to allow...
    Handcrafted, basket roasted, extra sweet. 

  • Jasmine Pearls - Mo Li Zhen Zhu

    Jasmine Pearls - Mo Li Zhen Zhu

    Jasmine Pearls is a delight to watch unfold as well as to drink. This tea is certainly one of China's finest jasmine offerings. The quality of the Pearl rests with two key attributes: a high-quality,...

  • Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Our "Monkey Picked" Tieguanyin was grown in the AnXi Region in southern Fujian Province, a region with a rich history of cultivating award-winning, world-class Tieguanyin cultivars. The region's...
    vibrant, fresh green colors, softly sweet & floral, think orchids

  • organic Organic

    Chai - organic

    Our Chai is a "mixed spice tea" made of a robust Indian black and traditional marsala spices. Unapologetically spicy, Chai offers fragrant aromas and pungent, lively flavors. In the cup, it will...
    Unapologetically spicy !

  • Earl Grey Organic Sachets

    Earl Grey Organic Sachets

    Full-bodied organic black tea enlivened with rich citrus oil of Bergamot creates a superb bouquet and a lingering finish. You will note the leaves are large (we milled them minimally) to preserve...
    Rich citrusy flavor, superb bouquet.
  • Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist - Mei Lan Chun

    Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist - Mei Lan Chun

    "Reminiscent of nectar from heaven with a rich finish and a lingering, sweet aftertaste." A famous tea buyer's comment after cupping. One of China's finest green teas, Mei Lan Chun is crafted...
    A perfect sweetness, full of flavors.

  • Dragon Well - Long Jing - First Grade

    Dragon Well - Long Jing - First Grade

    Our first grade Dragon Well is harvested in the "before the rain" period of April. In our search for this prized tea, we apply 3 criteria: consistency in leaf size, shape and...
    Distinctive, enlivening flavors to your cup

  • Leaf & Water Collection

    Leaf & Water Collection

    Imagine a curated selection of teas offering delicious flavors, distinct styles and far ranging places of origin. A veritable world view of tea in a box! Imagine sweet pearls of green tea infused...
    A world of tea in a box !