Golden Monkey - Organic

Organic, malty & refreshing .
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Jin Hou
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Organically grown in the Fuding area of northern Fujian Province, our Golden Monkey (Jin Hou) is a "special grade" made in the traditional style of long black leaves with a mix of gold buds. This lot has an impressive depth of flavor. Golden Monkey is a wonderful breakfast tea and is very refreshing as an afternoon beverage. It draws its name from its appearance which reminds one of the fur of a monkey. Harvest date: 2022 Lot #2.

Why we selected this particular lot: We found this lot to offer a refreshing & malty taste. The leaves are consistent in shape, with little broken material. It is traditional in flavor and aroma. As well, it is grown organically.

Interesting facts about our selection: It is grown in an area most famous for its white teas. However, these local varietals make very good green and black teas with many farms producing some of each style. The farm is located at an elevation of approx. 700 meters. This lot was harvested in April. The farm has been practicing organic methods for a number of years and their teas are increasingly flavorful.    

Taste profile: This tea offers a round, full-bodied & malty aroma. More of these notes come through in the 2nd steep. Naturally sweet, it will refresh with a clean taste that lingers. Given its sweet malty flavor, we suggest you enjoy its natural attributes. However, it can take milk and sugar and will provide a wonderful cup

Brewing suggestions: Use water near boiling temperature or 195-205 F. We suggest 3 grams of tea per 6-8 ounces of water and 4-5 grams for 12-16 ounces of water. A 2.5-3-minute steep should yield a full-bodied cup. It can steep longer for more taste. Leaves will yield multiple steeps

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