Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

Vibrant, fresh green colors, lush, floral & buttery

tea-champ-2016.pngOur "Monkey Picked" Tieguanyin was grown in the AnXi Region in southern Fujian Province, a region with a rich history of cultivating award-winning, world-class Tieguanyin cultivars. The region's terroir or "soils" - the farms' altitude, proximity of the sea, shape of the rolling foothills and terraced mountains, the ample rains and mists of the coastal area, work together to create an optimum situation for cultivating lush, rich flavors. It is now more than 17 years that we have been annually procuring teas from this farm and factory. Our lot was harvested in April 2021.

Lot Facts. As we taste and evaluate lots, first we look for a bright, fresh leaf appearance. As well, we look for a uniformity in the size of the leaves. Along with this, one should find a characteristic light, aromatic note in the freshly harvested leaves. Preserved and accentuated in processing the leaves, this signature "airy" taste or flavor note will determine our annual selection. After steeping 3-4 times, the leaves have unfurled and present a deeper, more nuanced, sweet and floral flavor. Throughout the arduous processing of these large, beautifully serrated leaves, we found the tea maker has preserved the precious, natural aroma of this varietal. Lot # 1.

Tea Facts. Tieguanyin's such as this are harvested later in the season than green teas, usually around mid-to-late April into May. This Tieguanyin classes as a rolled oolong. Processing the leaf entails anywhere from 8-16 steps in withering, abraiding the leaves, resting them, firing, rolling and final firing. Each of the steps are carefully excuted to bring forth the natural flavors and aromas of these large leaves. Studies have shown that oolongs can be helpful to memory and enhance one's concentration.

Tasting Notes. As the rolled leaves steep, they slowly unfurl and release a lush, light-green-yellow liquor often described as buttery. Notes are softly sweet and floral, think orchids, with a mouth feel that will linger and delight in its complexity. Long after tasting, you will note the taste of this tea has lingered to be enjoyed yet again.

Brewing suggestions. We suggest 3-4 grams of leaf per 7-8 ounces of water. Use boiling water, rinse the leaves briefly and pour the water off. This will "awaken" the leaves. Then re-infuse and steep for 1.5 to two minutes. Optimum water temperature is 195° plus. Drain the water off the leaves between infusions and they should easily provide 5-6 steeps!

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Hóuzi cǎizhāi tiě guānyīn 猴子采摘铁观音
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Loose Leaf
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  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2020

    This tea tastes like traditional oolong tea! No added flavorings or new combinations- just pure oolong tea! It's perfect

  • 5
    A cup a day

    Posted by Robby L on 20th Nov 2020

    I love this tea. I drink it every day and re steep the same leaves multiple times. I love the aroma , taste, and feeling I get from this excellent tea. I’ve gifted it to several of my friends

  • 3
    Very light oolong, gives one good steep

    Posted by Mark on 30th Aug 2020

    I initially steeped one tablespoon, and produced a weak tasting tea. I steeped it a 2nd time and it tasted like water. The next day, I steeped two full tablespoons. The first steep was nice, and as described. The 2nd steep was very weak and had lost much of it's pleasant taste, again tasting like plain water. I am confused how it was described as "easily giving 5 to 6 steeps" when I can't get two out of 2 tablespoons worth. It tasted like someone had drank it before me, and then dried and packaged the leaves again before I purchased it. I'm unlikely to try this one again.

  • 5

    Posted by P.Z. on 7th Jun 2020

    I am loving this tea. Very light and delicate with a sweet aftertaste.

  • 5
    Smoothly aromatic

    Posted by Marty on 23rd Apr 2020

    This oolong is bright and refreshing.

  • 5

    Posted by Erik Joski on 25th Oct 2019

    This tea has a very pleasant vegetal taste. Low astringency and a sweet taste. The leaves unfurl into large whole leaves. Worth the money.

  • 5
    Great Tasting

    Posted by Dennis W. on 25th Aug 2017

    Bought 1/4 lb. to try and I am very happy with it. Sweet lightly floral flavor. Excellent

  • 4
    delicious tea

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2017

    This tea is absolutely refreshing and invigorating. Very good.

  • 4
    nice tieguanyin

    Posted by jls on 28th Nov 2016

    This is a very light floral almost green oolong. I have been looking for a place to get a good quality light oolong like this and I think Silk Road does a great job.