Wu Liang Mountain Mao Cha

Nice light cha qi !
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Mao Cha

Grown organically, this Wu Liang Mao Cha offers floral, sweet notes, earthiness, and a refreshing astringency in the finish. 

Lot Notes.  Sun-dried, the leaves steep to herbaceous notes and some fruitiness.

Tea Facts. Elevation of te farm is 1200 meters. Tea was harvested in 2020. 

Tasting Notes. The cultivar is strong, lightly sweet, herbaceous. Mouthfeel is round and smooth, no hint of astringency with a short steep. Astringency becomes apparent with a longer steep time. Finish is refreshing and lingers. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use water at boiling temperature. 4-5 grams per 8 ounces of water. Infuse leaves for 5-8 seconds and pour water off. Re-infuse leaves, steep for 2 minutes and taste. Should yield a sweeter side taste. A longer steep will yield strong flavors and increased astringency.