Black No. 6 - Hong Cha 6 Hao

Malty, sweet flavors of chocolate!
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Black - "Fresh tea"
Hēisè 6 hào
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Malty sweet

The Fu'An area along the coast near the border with Zhejiang Province is mountainous and famous for its rich tasting white teas. The cultivars developed in these mountains over a period of hundreds of years, now produce a variety of green and black teas that are increasingly recognized for their craftmanship and nuanced flavors. Our Black No. 6 is a local varietal grown near the Tan Yang village. This lot is made to local custom using the popular "Golden Eyebrow" style for processing and shaping the leaf.

Lot Notes. We purchased this lot early in April 2022. The leaves have been crafted to a local style - thin and elegant; consistent in shape and size. Farm is a family-run. As the lot is made to local customs with a high golden bud content, we find the lot offers fresh and nuanced flavors. Lot #2.

Tea Facts. Made to the traditional Fujianese style of a "Golden Eyebrow" black tea. Number 6 was grown in the Ping Yan area, known as South Mountain. Tea garden has an elevation of 700 meters. 

Tasting Notes. Aroma is decidedly malty. The cup is sweet, nuanced and clean. Taste offers notes of chocolate. The finish lingers with a nice warming effect. Can take milk and sugar if one so desires!

Brewing Suggestions. Use water warmed to 195-205 F, 3-4 grams (a full teaspoon) of leaf for 8 ounces of water. Steep for 2 - 2.5 minutes and taste. All the notes of this early pick tea should be open to enjoy. Leaves will offer multiple steeps.   

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