Stir Fried Greens - Chao Qing Cai

Fresh cut vegetable flavors, sweet!
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Chǎo qīng cài
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

A well-known green tea in China and virtually unknown outside Fujian Province. Stir Fried is plucked early in the spring harvest and then pan-fired to a lovely, wholesome & sweet vegetal flavor. As it is not produced for the export market, it is generally grown on small farms and found in local tea markets. Our lot was harvested in second week of April 2022.

Lot Notes. This is a tea we purchase annually in spring as we appreciate the nuanced flavors it offers. As it is a Mao Feng cultivar, the best lots come out early in the harvest as there is greater variations in temperature between day and night. This year's lot was made to a deep green appearance. Lot is high on the firing side which accentuates its natural sweet flavors. Excellent used as an everyday green tea!

Tea Facts. Stir Fried is made with a Mao Feng cultivar. It is local tea to Fujian Province. The best lots - offering a sweet, vegetal flavor are available only in the early spring. 

Tasting Notes. In tasting, the cultivar offers fresh cut vegetable flavors. Notes are sweet. The leaf aroma is toasty. Offers a classic, rich green tea flavor that will satisfy.    

Brewing Suggestions. A rounded tablespoon or 3 grams of leaf in 8 ounces of water at 185 - 195 F is our recommendation. Try a steep time of 2 minutes to present the tea's widest range of notes from sip to finish. If a stronger flavor is desired steep 3-4 minutes. Note, the leaves will steep multiple times.

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