Jasmine Pearls - Mo Li Zhen Zhu

Sweet, soothing
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Mòli zhēnzhū
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Loose leaf

Jasmine Pearls is a delight to watch unfold as well as to drink. This tea is certainly one of China's finest jasmine offerings. The quality of the Pearl rests with two key attributes: a high-quality, spring pick leaf that is hand rolled then kept in cool place to await the jasmine harvest. Secondly, the number of scentings the pearls receive is key to the quality of their jasmine taste. The best quality pearls are scented up to 20 times but more typically 7-8 times for today's "high-grade" pearl. The resulting jasmine flavor should be smooth and natural, building on the sweet notes of the green pearl. Lot is 2022 crop made to EU Standards. Lot #3.

Tea Facts. Known as well as Jasmine Dragon Pearls, this jasmine-scented green is recognized as one of China's finest jasmine offerings. Pluck standard of our pearl is two leaves and a bud. The white downy color that wraps our pearls is the bud. The jasmine flower is harvested in the morning. Generally, the scenting will take place in the evening when the harvested flowers open. In higher quality lots, the flower petals are removed. The pearls are then refired drying them  to remove the flowers' moisture.

Lot Notes. Steeped the leaves will unfurl and open to two leaves and a bud. The scenting of this lot is natural, soft on the tongue and lingering. Once rolled, the pearls wait until the jasmine flowers are harvested later in the summer. For a high-grade pearl such as ours, the flower petals are introduced and then removed after imparting their fragrance.

Tasting Notes. The aroma of this tea is exquisite. With water, the pearl releases a sweet and delicate green tea redolent with the fresh scent of jasmine. The taste is very natural, smooth and clean. The jasmine is soothing and goes very well food.

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3 grams or less than a full teaspoon of pearls. Use water at 185-195 degrees F and steep for 2.5 minutes and taste. A longer steep time, of course, will build more strength in the cup. Drain the water from the pearls and use them for multiple steeps.

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