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Black Tea

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Aromatic, sweet, strong, seductively delicious, fruity, malty, chocolate, hints of smoke—all are apt descriptions of our black teas.

We source our top grade black teas in various provinces—many of which are made “fresh” or in local style and not made for general export.

  • Golden Monkey - Lot #23

    Golden Monkey - Lot #23

    A cultivar grown in the mountains of the FuAn area has long been known to produce a fine tasting, aromatic Golden Monkey. The terroir of Fujian's mountainous coastline - its soils, rain, elevation, & temperature - has proven ideal for cultivation of...
    Malty sweet, refreshing

  • Wild Black

    Wild Black

    A seasonal surprise! Wild Black is harvested in the mountains on the coast of Fujian. In time, bushes and trees grow wild outside the boundaries of a farm or are carried by birds into new territory and germinate. This year's Wild Black grows beyond the...
    Seasonal surprise, note of caramel!

  • Tan Yang Congou

    Tan Yang Congou

    Tan Yang is part of a family of artisanal black teas from this coastal enclave in Fujian Province. Its long history is fabled and distinguished as this area was an early exporter to Europe during the late Qing Dynasty. Its clean and refreshing notes and...
    Malt sweet, refreshing
  • Black Peony

    Black Peony

    The famous Da Bai cultivar has been crafted to a black tea offering a flavor preferred in the area. After shaping the leaves, they are fully oxidized and fired slowly at a comparatively low temperature. This slow firing style accentuates cherished...
    Thick leaves , lush, notes of fruit.

  • Black Bud  - Rare Lot

    Black Bud - Rare Lot

    First buds of the harvest offer the most pronounced flavors and aromas of the season. As late winter temperatures begin to warm, particularly in the mountains, dormant tea bushes awaken and sprout dense, compact buds, the first new teas. Harvested by...
    Sweet, coppery, clean flavors

  • organic Organic

    Golden Yunnan

    An outstanding red tea, Golden Yunnan, is crafted using thick first grade leaves and golden buds. When steeped, leaves open to a fragrant, russet-amber liquor. A wonderful breakfast tea and a refreshing, thirst-quenching black tea to be enjoyed all...
    Flavors of cocoa , carmalized sugar & spice

  • organic Organic

    Golden Snail

    Golden buds and large rolled leaves open to a lush flavorful cup. Organically grown Golden Snail yields sweet, fruity notes and hints of caramel.  Lot Notes. A classic Yunnan Province black tea, Snail is made with the Yun Kang #10 cultivar. Pluck...
    Notes of fruit, dried apricot & caramel
  • organic Organic

    Dragon Ball

    Black teas from Yunnan Province are widely recognized for their sweet, malty flavors and enticing aromas. Ever inventive, our tea maker has taken 1st grade leaves and rolled them into balls of flavor. Lot Notes. Pearl is made using a 1st grade...
    Decidedly sweet , flavors of caramel & malt

  • Fragrant Flower

    Fragrant Flower

    Early harvest teas, even when processed to black style, often have fragrances reminiscent of spring flowers. In this tea, the teamaker found hints of flowers thus the name. The aroma of the wet leaves is light evergreen, almost mint. Taste reminds us of...
    Ambrosial, fragrance of spring flowers

  • -

    Black No. 6

    The Fu'An area along the coast near the border with Zhejiang Province is mountainous and famous for its rich tasting white teas. The cultivars developed in these mountains over a period of hundreds of years, now produce a variety of green and black...
    Malty, sweet flavors of chocolate!

  • Rare Orchid

    Rare Orchid

    A high-mountain oolong cultivar crafted to a black tea in the local style of the Fu'An area. This wonderful black opens to sweet notes of plums and grows to a delicious, sweet finish.  Lot Notes. Source is a farm located in...
    High aroma, sweet note of plum

  • 3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler: In many countries, tea is a signature beverage. Distinct cultivars have been created and farmed, methods of processing developed bringing forth aromas and flavors that are delicious and widely enjoyed. Our sampler offers a taste...
    3 lands, 3 teas & 3 flavors

  • organic Organic

    Sri Lanka Black

    Sri Lanka, often described as a island paradise, supplies the world some of the best varieties of black tea.  Offering aromatic bouquets, fruity, brisk flavors and, once infused, bright vermillion liquors. Sri Lanka is...
    Aromatic bouquet, fruity fragrance

  • Black Fragrance - Rare

    Black Fragrance - Rare

    Black Fragrance is in the class of early spring teas known as "fresh tea". These are early spring harvest teas made to local customs of processing to bring out the favored aromas and flavors of the surrounding population. Typically, they are made in...
    "Fresh tea", notes of molasses & fruit, with a lingering finish.

  • Imperial Red

    Imperial Red

    This season's Imperial Red was grown in the WuYi Mountains. It is handmade using an Oolong stock. Cups to a bright red color with lush, sweet notes characteristic of a black tea from this famous area.  The leaves are a dark...
    Flowery notes, flavors of malt , molasses

  • Golden Eyebrow - Rare Lot

    Golden Eyebrow - Rare Lot

    At traditional tea gatherings, Golden Eyebrow is held as a prestigious tea, one to be served proudly, knowing it will enhance friendship. A fine pluck, using buds and the top two leaves, our lot harvested early in spring 2021. The leaves are carefully...
    Aroma of orange, light fruitiness, finish is honeysuckle.

  • Red Goddess

    Red Goddess

    Red Goddess is made by allowing Tieguanyin leaves to fully oxidize to an aromatic, sweetly floral black tea. One will note the leaves are long and thin, very unusual for a Tieguanyin cultivar. For lovers of black tea, this one offers yet another option...
    Notes of honey, aroma of peach.
  • China Caravan

    China Caravan

    Toward the end of the 17th century, caravans of camels often called "ships of the desert" were transporting chests of tea across the great plains into Russia. Varieties of black teas were very often the primary cargo. In China, tea makers - ever...
    A traditional black tea blend with origins in the time of travel by camels.

  • organic Organic

    Traditional Iced tea

    Crafted using two organic black tea cultivars often referred to as the "mochas of tea", our traditional iced tea is full-bodied, offering a malty flavor with a delicate spiciness.  We use high-grade pluck standard leaves. Packaged to sachets, each...
    Lush & malty sweet

  • Wild Wuyi

    Wild Wuyi

    A small lot made of leaves harvested from wild tea bushes. These bushes grow outside the boundaries of the surrounding tea farms and are not under active cultivation. More commonly known as Da Hong Pao, this tea is...
    Silky liquor, sweet, peppery finish