Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Perhaps the most revered of teas, oolongs offer a delightful range of styles, flavors and aromas. 

We offer a wide variety of single-origin oolongs, in richly rewarding flavors and aromas. Our teas offer flavors of flowers, herbs, nectar & honey-sweet; to rich flavors of roasted almonds and fruity notes and flowery aromas. Our oolongs are crafted traditionally with a focus to appearance and taste. We offer low-oxidized to medium and high oxidized Tieguanyin styles; to a number of prized Dan Cong style oolongs from the tea-famous Phoenix Mountains.

We are proud to offer rare lots of Dan Cong oolongs we have aged for over 20 years. These are exceptional lots offering a wide selection of leaf styles, flavors and aromas. Please inquire for availability.

Oolong Tea
  • Plum Blossom Fragrance

    Plum Blossom Fragrance

    Large trees that look very much like stone fruit trees line the mountainside. Six to 10-foot stone walls form terraces creating flat surfaces across the steep slope. Soils are a rich red color and clay-like. The morning fog is just beginning to lift and...
    Aroma of plums, intoxicating flavors of fruit

  • Rare Oolong Collection - Orchid Fragrance

    Rare Oolong Collection - Orchid Fragrance

    We have worked with Mr. Lin Ze, for a number of years. Every spring, we receive an inquiry as to our interest in his oolong. Quickly affirming, we either visit the farm or, this year, receive selected samples. Working with older farmers in his village,...
    Orchid-like aromatics, honeysuckle to flowery, almondy notes.

  • Rare Oolong Collection - Peach Fragrance

    Rare Oolong Collection - Peach Fragrance

    Peach Fragrance, Tao Ren Xiang, is made from a single-farm tree grove. The cultivar's signature aromatics are preserved by its single-origin havest. Our teamaker. Mr. Lin Ze, has crafted to time-held traditions capturing Peach Fragrance's...
    Complex & rich - peaches & almonds

  • Snow Pear Oolong

    Snow Pear Oolong

    A comparatively rare style of oolong here in the U.S. It is largely consumed by the domestic market as it is a local favorite. The small leaf offers a distinct flowery aroma and a natural, peachy flavor. Snow Pear offers another glimpse into China's...
    Distinct flowery aroma, natural peachy flavor.

  • White Chrysanthemum Oolong

    White Chrysanthemum Oolong

    Mellow, deep, toasty flavors characterize the "Black Dragon" Oolong that is the basis of this traditional blend. White Chrysanthemum flowers are added bringing a fresh sweetness to this delightful tea. A favored tea in China, especially in the holiday...
    Toasty Oolong & tangy, sweet Chrysanthemum

  • World of China's oolongs

    World of China's oolongs

    Exotic large leaves, highly aromatic & flavorful - 3 varieties of oolongs! Our sampler offers essentially the range of Chinese oolong styles. From low-oxidized and floral to traditional medium oxidized and "spicey" to high-fired and toasty. Offers...
    Aromas, flavors & lingering sweet notes

  • Wuyi Yan Cha - "Rock Tea"

    Wuyi Yan Cha - "Rock Tea"

    Classed as one of the Wuyi Rock Teas, WuYi Yan Cha, through multiple charcoal firings, is a mountain grown oolong that brews to rich orange-red colors & strong flavors. Aroma is likewise strong, a result of the intense firing process it undergoes...
    Bright red, caramel & fruit flavors

  • Zhongshan Baiye "White Leaf" Oolong

    Zhongshan Baiye "White Leaf" Oolong

    A famous Dan Cong variety Oolong that has been cultivated and enjoyed for 100-200 years. Originating in the WuYi mountains of Fujian Province, this highly aromatic Oolong steeps to a golden-yellow infusion with a complex, delicate, toasty-fruity flavor...
    Delicate, almond-sweet & fruity flavor.