Aged White Peony - Bai Mu Dan

Aged, sweet, honeysuckle, floral.
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Item Number:
Bái Mu Dan
Main Flavor Profile:
Sweet & floral

One of spring's visual and taste delights has been "rested" or aged. In the intervening period, the tea has developed a deeper, rounder taste and a darker appearance more to the traditional style Bai Mu Dan. Now, 7 years aged, tea is showing darker shades of green, brown leaves and silvery buds. Lot is made to EU Standards (comparable to USDA organic standards). Tea was processed in 2015. Lot# EU-5. 

Lot Notes. We purchased this lot in 2015 and stored in our warehouse in its original packaging. Tea was grown in the mountains of Fuding County, in Fujian Province. With aging, oxidization has changed the once bright-green leaves to a more brown-side coloration. Oxidizing the leaves has yielded deeper, richer Bai Mu Dan flavors. As well, this lot has a high percentage of silver buds which contribute a honey-like sweetness to the cup.

Tea Facts. Tea is made from the Fuding Da Bai cultivar. This style of a once greener side Bai Mu Dan has deepened its floral notes to reflect more traditionally processed Bai Mu Dans. The leaves were plucked, withered and machine air-dried. 

Tasting Notes. Steeped the cup liquor is straw-like in color. Offers a smooth, sweet flavor with hints of melon and honeysuckle with a round "mouth feel". Flavor is soothing. An excellent tea to be enjoyed Gong Fu style. 

Brewing Suggestions. As this is a lightweight leaf, use a well-rounded tablespoon for 8 ounces of water. Temperature between 185-195 degrees F. Steep for 2-2.5 minutes and taste. Flavor should be full and clean. Leaves will yield multiple steeps.