Loose Leaf Black Tea

Black Tea

Aromatic, sweet, strong, seductively delicious, fruity, malty, chocolate, hints of smoke—all are apt descriptions of our black teas.

We source our top grade black teas in various provinces—many of which are made “fresh” or in local style and not made for general export.

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    Keemun Mao Feng - Qimen Mao Feng

    Keemuns are considered by many to be China's finest black tea. Known as the "Burgundy" of tea, these elegantly crafted leaves open to a superb bouquet equal to the praise they garner. Lot Notes: Lot is organically grown and was harvested in April 2022...
    Penetrating aromas, sweet biscuity notes

  • Black Dragon - Hei Long

    Black Dragon - Hei Long

    Our "Black Dragon", a Congou, is made in the style of classic Fujian Province blacks. "Congou" is a name used in the tea trade for "gongfu" which means skill and patience, attributes needed to make a really good black. The leaves are mix of black and...
    Softly sweet cocoa, malt, hint of fruit.

  • Golden Needle -Jin Zhen

    Golden Needle -Jin Zhen

    Made in the tradition of classic needle-shaped teas from Northern Fujian Province, this lot is unusual in appearance and flavor. Tea makers working with methods of processing and taste profiles refined honed over amny years, the styles of Golden Needle...
    Sweet fruity notes & cocao

  • Darjeeling

    Our Darjeeling is a 2nd flush, fair-trade and bio-organic, from the Tindharia Estate.  Lot Notes. Harvested in the 2022 season.  The garden lies at an elevation of about 1500 meters. Tea is classed as a black. Tea Facts. Made from...
    Smooth, flowery notes